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The RigaCup started in 2009, back then, little did we know that it would become the best amateur ice hockey tournament in Europe. The tournament was started by Miks Kovtuns, a man who lives and breaths ice hockey. Having almost made it as a pro in his younger years, Miks played to a high level in Latvia. However, playing hockey was never going to pay the bills. Miks started to work at a hotel where he soon became the hotel director, during this time he saw sports teams coming and going and began to think about how he could create an annual ice hockey tournament.

Combining his love of hockey with his knowledge and contacts in the hotel industry, Miks set about to create the RigaCup.

Since 2009, the tournament has gone from strength to strength, with teams now travelling from as far as Oman and Canada to take part. Typically, each tournament has hosted 20 teams, however in 2019, RigaCup took a huge step forward with our biggest tournament ever – 35 teams took part in four different ice hockey arenas around Riga.

Over the past 10 years we have welcomed more than 200 teams over 3000 players to Riga. Creating what we consider to be our RigaCup family. Our team has also grown, from Miks and a couple of friends back in 2009, to a team of almost 25 people during tournament days.